UFO;s over Korea

Early one day in September 1950, a trio of U.S. Navy fighter-bombers launched from an aircraft carrier cruising off the coast of the war-torn Korea.
     The mission for the Navy planes was to bomb a North Korean truck convoy near the Communist Chinese border.
     The sun was just coming up when the Navy planes reached their target. But as they were preparing for their bombing runs, the fliers were astonished to see a pair of saucer-shaped objects approaching from the northwest. Incredibly, these objects were traveling close to Mach 2, or 1,200 mph, twice as fast as any aircraft of the day.
     Most astonishing, though, was their size. The Navy crews estimated the silver-colored objects were nearly 700 feet in diameter – more than two football fields put together!  
      The Navy pilots instinctively went to arm their guns, but found all their equipment was being jammed. Suddenly, the saucers changed direction and swung around towards the Navy planes. In seconds the gigantic saucers were effortlessly maneuvering both above and below the fighter-bombers, circling them, as if inspecting them.  
     Then just as abruptly, the saucers turned back towards the northwest and left the area at high speed. 

UFO's over Korea

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