The Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

Whiteman Air Force Base is located about 70 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri.
     During the 1960s, Whiteman housed a vast ICBM complex, containing up to 150 missiles. One of the scariest, most inexplicable UFO incidents ever occurred here.    
     It started around 9 PM on the night of June 16, 1966 when the base’s control tower personnel suddenly detected a saucer-shaped object flying over the missile complex. The object’s flight path took it over one of the base’s ICBM launch silos. When the UFO passed over this site, the nuclear-armed missile inside lost all electrical power and went dead.
     The electricity returned to the missile silo as soon as the UFO left. But then the same thing happened to the next silo the object came to. The power went out, coming back on as soon as the UFO had passed over. Then it happened to the next silo, and the next – and the next.
     Incredibly, the UFO flew around the Whiteman complex for the next two hours, killing power in all 150 missiles controlled by the base.

UFO's and ICBM's

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