gulf war shootdown

There are persistent reports that an American fighter jet shot down a UFO over Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War.
     The incident began when four U.S. Air Force F-16s on a mission to Baghdad saw an unidentified blip appear on their radar screens. When one of the F-16s started chasing the UFO, the unknown craft fired a weapon at it, but missed. The F-16 returned fire with two missiles, both direct hits. The UFO blew up and its wreckage crashed into the desert below.  
     While finding no occupants upon reaching the crash site, witnesses did see wreckage not from any known earthly aircraft. Built of some unrecognizable material, the smoldering disc was about 15 feet long with seats built for someone, or something, of small stature. The witnesses observed many things that defied description, including markings on instrument panels written in some indecipherable language.
     When the U.S. military finally arrived, all witnesses were ordered out of the area. Said one: “These were things the Americans didn’t want us to see.”
     Reports say the U.S. Army eventually gathered up the crash debris, put it into crates and flew it all back to the United States.

Ghost Rockets

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