Ghost Fliers

One night in late November 1933 residents of northern Sweden saw something weird flying through their skies.
     A strange aircraft with eight engines and carrying pontoons was spotted winging its way through a line of mountain valleys. Flying very low with powerful searchlights hanging from its fuselage, it was painted dull gray with no identification numbers or country insignia.
     No airplane in 1933 fit eyewitnesses’ descriptions of this craft.
     It was spotted again the next night, and the night after that -- and the night after that. Soon, hundreds of sightings of the mystery aircraft were being reported all over Scandinavia, indicating there was more than just one of them.
     The unknown aircraft were observed doing odd things. Many times, they were spotted circling a village, a railroad station or a mountaintop, bathing it with their searchlights. They were also able to fly in all kinds of weather, including blizzards, conditions that would keep other aircraft grounded. Sometimes they would even fly for long stretches with the engines turned off.
     These mystery airplanes were eventually dubbed “The Ghost Fliers” and were reported all the way through 1934, before finally disappearing for good.

But what were they?

Ghost Flier

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