Foo Fighters

The Ray Smith Incident

     On the night of May 27, 1943, an RAF Halifax bomber was heading to Essen, Germany as part of a massive bombing raid. Ray Smith of the Royal Canadian Air Force was at the controls. 
     Flying at nearly 19,000 feet, Smith’s Halifax arrived over the target to find heavy anti-aircraft fire being unleashed by the German defenders below. As he was preparing for his bombing run, and with AA fire exploding all around him, Smith suddenly noticed a strange object flying off to his left. It was huge. Long and cylindrical, and much bigger than his Halifax, the silver-gold object was hanging in the flak-filled sky, moving at the same speed and altitude as the bomber.  
     Smith called out to his crew and they spotted the object too. Incredibly, they could see portholes ringing the object, rounded apertures evenly spaced along its length.  The astonished crewmembers watched the object for almost a minute before it abruptly sped away.
     Climbing at an impossibly high speed of 4,000 mph, the enormous “foo fighter” disappeared into the stars overhead.  

Foo FIghters

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